Drapes and Patterns

If you’ve been around here before, you know I absolutely love mixing patterns, almost to the point of insanity. There are two windows in my Studio, and bringing in more pattern and texture through the drapes was ABSOLUTELY on my list!

The first fabric I fell in love with was this more modern geometric – but I loved how the colors and patterns really play off of the wallpaper!


To showcase why I need SUCH a large studio space, here is how much floor space I need to roll out a panel for a window in a room with 10′ ceilings (and the first floor has 11′ ceilings!)!

Bonny is SO HELPFUL.

For the wider window, I added half a length of width to each panel.


Don’t worry, it’s on a better rod now. But I wanted to see what it looked like hanging up! I think it’s pretty nifty.

I LOVE IT with the wallpaper.

I also fell in love with this floral – again, more modern, but totally is a modern take on a Victorian pattern vibe. At least, let me believe it is!

A wider shot with the chair and wallpaper. It’s nuts but I love it.

The Cream and Teal geometric the the base layer. One tope of that, my play was to add two contrasting panels, asymmetrically. Because that makes me smile.

One of the panels is a solid (I KNOW) teal, and I added a pop of lime green poms to it. I had leftover gold tassels from the dining room drapes, and added that to the floral.

Originally I was going to add the lime green poms to both, but when I realized I had enough of this in my stash, it seemed even quirkier and more fun.

Rockin; it out!

Besides the drapes, I found these super fun Peacock tiebacks at Anthropologie after another old-house owner posted them on Instagram. I brought them because a) they are adorable and b) I think this is a room that I will change the light in A LOT depending on what I am working on, so having the fabric tucked behind this, as opposed to using a rope or ribbon, seemed like a good plan!

Doug helped me hang them, because I knew this was something that needed to handle some abuse, and sometimes I am too impatient for that!

She looks so grand!

And it really is super easy to change the curtains.


I firmly believe that this combination is “not for everyone,” so if you don’t like it, it’s okay! I love it so much, and that’s all that matters.

With the main drapes closed. And not, the bed isn’t done yet. but it is functional and can hold a guest! Or me when I take a nap. Because I have and it’s great!

On the other window….

It’s a little hard to photograph the “drapes pulled open” when the sunlight is coming in, but hopefully this give you an idea!

I love it so much.


  1. Of all places, your studio should be a place of creativity, where you can be surrounded by the patterns, colors, and styles that bring you happiness and inspiration. I’m so glad you’re doing what you love. It’s fun to see everything coming together.

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