A Pretty Pendant

I wanted to put a light in the studio in the sewing corner, so we just decided to build a pendant! I have a million shades, and so I narrowed it down to these two beauties.

I love them both equally, but after posting them on Instagram, several noted that the pleated one LOOKS LIKE A SKIRT, and therefore it was the only choice.

Who am I to argue with that sound logic?

We built the fixture, using parts and covered cord from Grand Brass. I’ll be honest : it’s marching season and I don’t have the strength to write out all the steps, so I am going to be lazy and link this post that is super helpful!

We got it all put together, and wired up, and it is so pretty! The bulb isn’t bright enough for sewing, so I have to play around with it, but since my sewing table isn’t built yet, that’s a problem for another day!

Isn’t she lovely?!?

Also, at night, the wallpaper is PURE PERFECTION when this is lit.

I am SO GIDDY about this room.


  1. Oh my, it’s gorgeous!!!! Yes, it would be important to have a bright enough bulb for sewing tho!!
    Funny story, I was visiting my daughter out of state giving her a sewing lesson….sounds simple enough, but she had no decent scissors, no iron and only a SALT LAMP for lighting!! It was like teaching a sewing lesson in a SPA! Needless to say, it was not very productive. Hahaha

  2. When I saw the thumbnail on the home page, I gasped. It’s gorgeous and perfect! I love how it reflects the pink and looks like a delicate flower.

  3. The light is beautiful, perfect for the room. Maybe you could get a Daylight bulb, in an appropriate shape, that would provide the lumens you need for sewing? Perhaps now would be a good time to enquire about sponsorship from a lamp (bulb)manufacturer? Every lamp your beautiful home needs, sponsored by Philips/Osram/Bell etc. Just a thought. 🙂🌸

  4. Love this! I was surprised to see it was a white shade as it looks like a beautiful pale link in the picture. It must pick up some color from the wallpaper. So perfect!

  5. Oh how beautiful! This is such a pretty room and I love how the ceiling reflects off the shade and it appears pale pink. Is that your reflection in the glass cabinet? I thought – ghost!
    Peggy R.

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