Summer is Over.

This week is band camp, so my summer is officially over! While I’m glad to get back to my students, I am certainly sad to see the work on the house slow down a bit as marching band starts back again!

I was HOPING to have my Studio about 90% finished before today. In reality, I think I’m at about 70-75%. BUT, someone can sleep in here for camp, so that’s a win! (we host the out-of-town staff members.)

So, let’s check in to where we are, and what we have to do!

Let’s address the weirdest looking thing in the room first : the bed. THERE IS A PLAN, and I promise I’ll post it all when the bed is done. We finished the frame last night so someone can sleep in here. It is NOT done. It is super tall. And shall function as a daybed / guest bed / napping bed. A Twin XL Mattress fits PERFECTLY here, so that’s what we did.

It’s like very short college loft bed. I also need to sew about 2863 pillows to make it even more dramatic and “Day-Bed-y.”

“Okay, why is it so tall? It looks ridiculous.”

We built the frame around using this antique door in the base. And I think, in the end, once it’s all together and finished, it’ll be amazing!

Also to do : hang the sconces!

And speaking of lights, the chandelier is not built, and the medallion isn’t up yet.

This wall is going to hold a desk, my computer, a sewing machine station, and artwork. SO FUN, but not done.

This wall is getting some shelves, and a bookshelf.

Here, I need to move a cabinet in, and I haven’t quite decided on furniture placement, but I have another chair to upholster, and maybe another piece to add. Still up in the air! OOOOOHHHHHH. And more layers for the curtains for both windows.

That seems like a lot, but It’s REALLY livable now, and that is SUCH a step forward. Even though I didn’t get several things I wanted to done, I’m still amazed at how far this room has come!!!!

Also, no matter what, Bonny and Oakley like it…..

……AND there’s the pattern mixing to LOVE. More to come!


  1. It’s lovely, I think the tall bed is terrific. Thanks always for the update. You got a lot more done than I did!!!!

  2. Love the use of the antique door for the base of the bed! Each new item in the room has added so much.

  3. This may be my favorite of your rooms so far, it’s so…. “ALL IN” on color and pattern, whimsy, shininess…. and it looks gorgeous

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