We Love a Ceiling Medallion

We’re not to the point of hanging lighting yet (boooooooo) but once we get there, I am super ready!

I love ceiling medallions. I love drawing attention to the “Fifth Wall.”

Here’s the medallion and moulding I bought for the Studio, from Architectural Depot Online.

I love all of the flower detail so much!

There’s so much going on, so so much to love!

I also really feel like the lines on this one really fit with the wallpaper.

The Wallpaper : A Reminder

This has actually been done for a while now, so please don’t think all of a sudden I am doing a million things – it’s just that now I have some summertime to write about it!

First, I gilded it. I like doing anything metallic first, and as a basecoat, because the shimmer will often seep through the colors and give the whole thing a bit more dimension. I have used A LOT of metal spray paints, and this one by Rustoleum is my favorite. (Not sponsored, though I WISH!) I just think this one gives the shiniest gold – really like gold leaf.

First spray picture!



I really do love a shiny gold. It’s very “Liberace Chic” right now.

I also got these pieces of moulding for the ceiling as well. I think it’ll make sense when I do it, but we shall see!

Just some simple Roses.

These are also bathed in golden spray paint splendor!



Next? We layer.

I use acrylic paint. People often ask about my methods, but I mostly wing it. I know there are certain colors I want to use, and I paint each color at once. I knew the blue of the wallpaper was going to be the main color, so I started with mixing colors until I got what I wanted. Baby mason jars are awesome for this, because they are sturdy and stay airtight afterwards.

Also, for my next party trick, for these small batches I like to use a cocktail stirrer to stir. Cheap, but reusable, and easy to clean.


I used a scrap of wallpaper to make my attempts at color matching, Top to bottom is what I did here.

After I got the teal mixed and figured out where I want it, I decided to do the lilac first. In doing the larger, more base areas, starting from the inside to the outside is better, unless you love paint on your forearm. Which MAYBE YOU DO. I won’t judge.

First Color Down!

THEN I added the teal in!

This is about the time I think, “Should I stop? This is probably enough. It might be too much if I add more…..”

Then I think, “What would Liberace do?” He’d probably bedazzle it. But he’s right. It needs more.

More color mixing to match colors in the wallpaper!

Next I added a sage, and a burgundy.

And other shades of pinks. I balanced the colors I used in the flowers for each section, but I didn’t have each section match.

See how you can see a little of the gold under the colors? That’s why I gild it first!

And the last thing I did was a little bit of a pearlescent glaze over the blue, to tone it down JUST a touch.

Here it is – start to finish! Well, almost. I didn’t include the spray painting in this time-lapse.


It’s wild. And if I could do this for a career, I would.

Also doubles as a costume battle shield.

OH, also I painted the roses on the other moulding pieces.

I love this. It’s too much, but it’s so fun and makes me smile.


Before and After!

Someday soon, we’ll drill a hole in it, put it on the ceiling, and hang a chandelier inside of it! AAHHH!



  1. The medallion and molding are absolutely beautiful! You are so creative and talented!

  2. OMG! I wish so hard that I had high ceilings and a central light. Alas I do not, but if I did I would definitely follow your shining example of delightful, Liberace overkill! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m having serious hot envy flashes right now🤣

  3. What a process- thanks for showing us the how to. It looks so beautiful and I love how your shirt and shoes coordinated. I see what you did there! Great job!!

  4. It is absolutely fabulous! You are so talented and creative! I love it! It is perfect for the wall paper

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