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Years ago, when we bought this house, people started giving us stuff. Because “Doug and Amy have an old house, they have room and it’ll look great there!”

I have a VERY hard time saying no, because I love to give old pieces a home if I can. When we first moved in, the long-time custodian at our middle school (whom I was CONVINCED hated me, because my band students moved chairs in the cafeteria at lunch during band camp), told me that she had some pieces that she thought would look great in the new (then) house. One of the pieces was this chair.

I’ve never been one of those “this is my special chair” people, but I knew that whenever this chair made it into a room, I was claiming it. I loved the shape and the lines and the curve of the back. I decided it was going to go in my Studio.

I started researching how to upholster a channel back chair. We’ve taken an Upholstery Class, and I’ve done a lot in the house, but NEVER a channel back. I even had Doug snuggle up one night to watch a You Tube video on how do it.

This is a GREAT video and explains it so well, enough that I knew I was going to struggle to make it perfect And I wanted it perfect. But if you are bolder than I, it’s worth a watch!

I picked out a fabric. Y’all know I am all about pattern mixing, and this room is ABSOLUTELY no exception.

Doug said, “I’d be more confident trying this if it was a solid. I don’t want to mess up a stripe.” I agreed.

So I went to Second Chance Upholstery and handed off the project. Is it more expensive to have someone else do something? Yes. Do we love DIY so much? Also yes. But, at the same time, you have to know when you’re a little in over your head, and reach out to add people to your team.

And the results? This was totally the right choice.

This chair feels like a warm hug when you sit in it!

I love it so much!!! Honestly, I am more excited to read a book in this chair, than I was about the whole Library. Insane, BUT TRUE.


  1. Wow! That chair, absolutely fabulous and reupholstered to an incredibly high standard. The right choice all round.

  2. The upholstery was absolutely the right choice. It brings the pink above the picture rail down toward the floor and balances the flashy lightness of the wallpaper. Well done!

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