Now that you’ve met Mildred, it’s time to talk about the TV and frame! I wanted the TV corner to be and art corner, since it’s the only wall space in the room. We ordered a Frame TV for the room from Samsung, but definitely hung it differently than it is supposed to be hung.

First, we used tape to map out where the TV was going to be on the wall. This told us how big we wanted the frame to be. 

Samsung sells frames, but because of the angle of the couch, we wanted to be able to put the TV on an arm, so it could angle towards the couch as well. We were afraid that moving the TV off and on the wall would mess with a magnetic frame, so we decided to make our own, and mount it directly to the wall!

I used a flat PVC moulding, and sprayed it with a couple of different golds, and did some aging with some black to give it an aged look. 

Meanwhile, Doug watched “A Christmas Story” and figured out the wall. With an arm that swings out, the TV would have to be mounted a bit from the wall. That would make it NOT look like art, so his idea was to recess the arm into the wall!

Once he knew how big the recessed spot needed to be, he sliced the wallpaper away. 

We knew from a previous owner that this room has signatures on the wall, from visitors during a home tour in the 1980s. There was no wallpaper up, so guests signed the wall when they visited the room, and then the signatures were covered with wallpaper. So we suspected we would find some!

Check it out!!!

I tried to document it as best as I could. We tried to get the plaster out in one piece, but of course, it didn’t. So we couldn’t save it, but we definitely documented it!


Next, Doug Dremeled out the wall. 


He used the dentil tool to help start the removal, and we worked together to get the plaster to come out. 

All removed!

Next up, some structure was added to the inside of the wall, so that the arm-cabinet could be secured. (“Arm Cabinet” sounds really macabre.)

Doug built the cabinet out of scrap lumber and scrap beadboard. 

And then I painted it to match the walls. Don’t worry, this is only the first coat. I know, it looks like it’s been painted with blood. Also macabre!

You never get to see pocket doors inside the wall! Cool, right?

The cabinet went in, and the TV went up, and we started to hang the frame.

This corner. I mean, COME ON! Could it be more perfect?

Ta Da!

Then we hung up the artwork my friend Jenn made – and now the TV looks small! It’s not a ginormous TV, but I love how the painting takes even MORE focus away from it. 

Then, I filled in with some other pieces. More to come on all of this in another post!

Here’s me explaining how it works, with some inside shots of the cabinet holding the arm. 

We’re thrilled with how it came out! It was a little complicated to make it work with a swing arm, but we’re so glad we did! And the frame itself was a fraction of what it would have been to buy one that was made for the TV. 


    1. Thanks! I don’t use them like you do, but I love it. It’s actually going to match my Studio better, so now I’m on the hunt for a red one for the library!

  1. So cool and very creative solution. Does the picture come off the frame when you watch TV? Are you using two pieces of art – I saw dogs, then flowers. It looks great- well done!!

  2. This turned out really great! I love that it looks like art instead of a TV. Best of both worlds! You did a great job on the styling as well!

  3. The only thing missing is secret art on the wall behind the TV, between the arm box and the frame. Something special only you (and all the blog readers) know about.

  4. First time commenting—I have loved your blog and house renovation for years! The recessed TV mount is genius. The thing that struck a note of sadness in me though was the lovely signatures on the wall. We never see such beautiful signatures anymore as students are no longer taught how to write correctly—it’s really unfortunate. I’m happy you were able to document them!

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