Since this has been teased and shown in previous posts, this really isn’t “new” or
“informational,” but it’s part of the story, so it’s in!

Quick reminder of the fabulous wallpaper that’s going in my Studio :

There are so many colors to choose from for paint. And Ivory would’ve really made the walls stand out. The deeper blue or green would be moody. The maroon, dramatic! The chartreuse would be wild. All good choices!

I gravitated towards the pinks and purples….

And I went with……

That orchid color? I chose it because I love it, and it makes me smile. The light pink for the ceiling is that I want the room bright, but I also want it to have some color!

I did some test patched to make sure I loved it.

And I do!

And up it goes!

I’m only painting to where the wallpaper will finish. There will be a functional picture rail added between the two. And this was pretty quick!

Then I started on the ceiling!

We didn’t set up the scaffolding in here. so I just did as much as I could where the ladder was, and then move and start the process again. This resulted – especially once the new patch was in, was a sort of Tetris board on the ceiling.

It’s coming along!

I was a little worried about covering the ceiling in one coat. I did double coat the metallic rounds from a previous owner, but everything else is one coat.

Now it’s a little more “Space Invaders” than Tetris.

The evening light in here is lovely.

Doug came home and caught me in the window painting. I love this picture. Also, yup! I paint ceilings with a brush. Actually, I can’t think of the the last time I used a paint roller. I have so much better luck with a brush. It takes longs, but I have more control, and I use way less paint.

Finished! In the p.m……

And in the a.m…..

So excited for this space!


  1. Loving the colours you’ve chosen. Excited to see the finished result when you’ve got that beautiful wallpaper up. Well done you!

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