Christmas Post…. in May?

Okay, so this isn’t a typical post for MAY, but this is cool so I am posting it. Years ago, I bought a sleigh at auction that we keep on the porch at Christmas. The runners were in AWFUL shape, and it was horribly hard to move in and out of storage because of that. So, LAST LAST Christmas (2021) I said, “Let’s just not move it until we’ve fixed it!”

Also, I was super terrible at taking before pictures. The goal wasn’t to make the sleigh functional – we’re not going to hook it to a horse and try to move it. But, we wanted it to be stable, easy to move, and to decrease the chance of tetanus. 

Pieces of Tetanus just hanging off it :

And, this April – over a year later – it’s DONE. The neighbors likely think we’re completely insane for how long it’s been there. It’s our Valentine’s Sleigh! Fourth of July Sleigh! Arbor Day Sleigh! 

Doug’s plan to fix it, as always, was brilliant. I was thinking the new rails would be clunky, and instead, they’re strong and dainty and match perfectly! It’s so, so lovely. He joined the old wood and the new wood really well. 

I would say seamlessly, but you can see the seam, and it’s SUPER GOOD!

It’s so good! And easy to move now. So, we moved it!

And now the porch looks strange without it! But it’s definitely back to “normal.”

Also keeping me busy this spring – I jumped back into the theatre world as an assistant for the high school production of “Mamma Mia!” and also designed and built the set for our tiny stage and with our limited budget. It was a lot of fun, and the kids were amazing in it!  

Only a couple of days left of school, then a whole summer to knock out as much of the Studio as we can!

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