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I learned a hard lesson with Doug’s Study : even if you aren’t ready for it, if you find a wallpaper you love, buy it. Because it might be gone later. And when I saw this paper, I fell in love.

But also, that lesson is a bit disingenuous, because I also truly believe that if you miss out on something because it’s been discontinued, you find something you love even more, which is what happened in Doug’s Study, So basically, all of my advice is contradictory and terrible.

But this. It has everything. Favorite colors, gold gilding, flower, BIRD, and ridiculous opulence.

It also still exists, even though I bought it years ago. It wasn’t THIS expensive when I bought it, but it still is probably the most pricey wallpaper I’ve ever purchased. BUT, in true Amy logic fashion, I also bought wallpaper for the Entrance Hall at the same time, and it was SUPER cheap, so like a TRUE LIBRA, I decided they balanced each other out.

Once the paint was up, I taped some to the wall to check it out.

Yup. Still love it. This is a fun paper because pairing different paints with it would give the room a wholly different feel. The darker blue would have been moody, which I LOVE moody, but I didn’t want that in my space. The chartreuse would have been super vibrant. I went with this orchid color because it’s FUN, which I wanted to balance out the opulence of the paper.

Let’s Do This.

Paper station set!

We actually realized afterwards that the paper directions said to paste the wall and not the paper. We did it “wrong,” since that’s how every other paper should be done. My guess is that it has something to do with how the color and gilding is on the paper? We did not have any problems doing it wrong, though!

This room – and this paper – catch light in the most incredible ways. They were made to be together.

We pasted the paper. We always do this, even if the paper is “pre-pasted.” Which, this is not. But real past gives a much stronger adhesion. After pasting it, we booked it – laying the paper against itself and giving the glue a moment to set up.

Here’s a good article that explains this more expertly than I would, because to me “Book It” means I get a free personal pan pizza after 10 pieces of wallpaper.

Side Note : I trust that article, even though it includes a link to “How to Wallpaper a Floor” and that’s just not a society I need to be in.


Doug is super good at inside corners. Get the paper in nice and tight on one wall. Then, run a razor down the corner to cut the paper. change your razor blades earlier than you think and more often than you think you need.

This cuts of the second side of the corner, which you then hang right next to it. This keeps the corner ACTUALLY a corner, and not a concave arch.


First corner done!

Good gravy I need to clean the windows. From the outside, but it’s a pretty wide roof step. But, still – haven’t done it.

Seeing the bird next to the wood is amazing.

Completely not planned but amazing nonetheless, is how the wallpaper matches the tone of the witch’s hat outside the window!

I promised I worked on this, too, but I’m the one who always takes pictures, so…..

Coming around the corner, with management on site! We moved the cabinet into the middle of the room to wallpaper, so it made a little hallway! Also, apologies for my finger. Sometimes I’m not a very GOOD photographer! Ha.


I really love how this paper looks in different lights. I’m ridiculous and took selfies because I was SO EXCITED to have it on the wall!

Sunny :

Late afternoon :

Evening :

It looks so good with the wood tones in the room.

It just sparkles in the sun!


Management was always close by!

The wallpaper did its job. This wall behind Doug was the hardest to plaster repair, so it wasn’t perfect. But wallpaper is meant to smooth over imperfections. They are still there, and if you look, you can see them, but not super well!

Ta Da!

The view from the hall.




Luckily, the manager passed us on our inspection. WHEW. That was close.

I am so excited!!!!


“We Finished” Selfie.



  1. It’s gorgeous! And I HAVE to follow the link on wallpapering, just to see how (& why) one wallpapers a floor! I mean, a floor? Really? I just have to know. 🙂

  2. Stunning! You’re so lucky that both you and your husband are so gifted and able to restore your beautiful home! We were beyond thrilled when we bought our 1880’s gothic Victorian in that every single wall and ceiling in the home had been papered with Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper many years prior! While I’m not in love with every rooms design I couldn’t imagine the cost to both replace the paper or the cost of having it professionally hung! I just love watching the progress of your gorgeous home! She is lucky to have you both as her stewards!

  3. I’ve been following you for years. Awe inspiring!! ❤️ the paper SO much!!! Great job 👏🏼 duh

  4. That paper is absolutely stunning! What a professional job….that’s a lot of work! Love that you took pics in multiple different lighting scenarios. 😉

  5. I LOVE IT!!!! But, now I hate you, because it is super expensive. And it comes in other colorways….argh!!

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