A Fireplace Plan

We’re putting a fireplace in! I mean, not today. But sometime soon.

The Library used to have a fireplace. We can tell this from the evidence of the chimney in the basement, and also because Mayor Bryant’s grandson gave us anecdotal information when he came to visit.

Also, I have a HUGE love of watching a movie with a fire running. So, since this will be our TV room, AND it brings a lost fireplace back? I am ALL FOR IT.

The fireplace, from what we’ve been told and can tell, was a twin to the parlor fireplace.

Occasionally, I would look for mantles in salvage stores or online – usually when I was procrastinating doing something else. And one day, on Craigslist from Chicago, I found a mantle SO similar to ours that we jumped at the chance to get it. And we went on a road trip to pick it up!

Here is our parlor fireplace :

And here is the Chicago fireplace! (This is from the actual Craigslist posting, so it’s of terrible quality).

It’s a little darker, but it’s such a good match. And from what we could tell from the person we bought it from, it came out of a house within a 10 year build of ours.

Parlor :

Craigslist :

It’s not a perfect twin. More like fraternal. And I love that.

It’ll go in the back corner of the room, backing up to the parlor fireplace.


Here they are, back to back! The current parlor fireplace is gas, and we’ll do the same in the Library,


Really excited. I’m planning some fun tilework, too. I cannot wait!

My friend Elizabeth over at Circa Old Houses has shirts and pennants, and I LOVE THEM.

FUTURE FIREPLACE. It can’t come soon enough.


  1. Hi Amy! As always your ideas are amazing! I was wondering if you had a resource on building your fireplace? We have a brick surround that we would like to remove and put one similar to yours. We have one like that in our den but don’t know if we can match it. Wayne is afraid to remove it as we aren’t sure what to do with firebox etc.

  2. That was a great find on Craigslist. Looking forward to the application and reveal.

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